April 1, 2012

Animal Care Clinic of Chillicothe

I have two dogs, two cats, plus a stray that's made my yard her home, so I need to make every penny count while still providing them the love and care they need.  When the stray mama cat decided to bring me two consecutive litters of her kittens to take care of, I knew I had to somehow catch her and get her spayed before things got even more out of hand.  She wasn't really my cat, but if I didn't help with a solution, I guess I was part of the problem with cat overpopulation.  Dr. Pelfrey and her staff at the Animal Care Clinic to the rescue!

Jethro investigating what kittens are all about
I needed to spay mama cat as well as get shots and neuter one of the male kittens I'd kept from the first litter, so I called around to check on prices.  I didn't qualify for the reduced spay/neuter fee through the local Humane Society, so after letting my fingers do the walking, I found that not only was the Animal Care Clinic on Western Ave. close by, they also had the best prices of the veterinarians in my area.

Mama cat got spayed, little Redneck got neutered, and I brought Boo (male kitten from second litter) to get fixed when he was old enough too.  All surgeries went without incident with no further treatment required.

With four critters that need flea meds, Dr. Pelfrey has been able to save me a significant amount of that monthly fee each month as well.  The prices at Animal Care Clinic beat even the advertised specials you find on TV and online.  She mixes her own doses of Revolution for cats, saving me even more.

If you're looking for a reputable veterinarian in Chillicothe or Ross County, Dr. Pelfry and the staff at Animal Care Clinic are worth a look.

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Debbie Henthorn said...

Oh MA - I knew you were taking care of your Mama kitty. I have a friend who captured neighborhood strays last year and by working with a vet, she was able to spay/neuter 8 cats in addition to fixing all of her cats. She is absolutely the "crazy cat lady" but does what she can to help. So glad Dr. Pelfrey was able to work with you!

Amanda Dollak said...

It's wonderful to find a veterinarian that is great with animals AND easy on the wallet. I have rescued a number of strays myself, so I went through similar experiences,

Theresa Leschmann said...

Glad you found an affordable way to care for your animals. So many people don't bother and its refreshing to know that some vets work to help keep things affordable for those who care about animals.

Funny in My Mind said...

Thank you for being responsible!