April 1, 2012

Accepted the Challenge

She made me do it.

Last year I completed the A-Z Blogging Challenge on four different blogs.  It was tough to do and I was going to pass on it this year, but kept changing my mind from one day to the next.  Even as I was waking this morning, the first day of the challenge, I was thinking about whether I should try it again but with just one blog, or perhaps two.

Angie made up my mind for me - she entered two of her blogs and challenged me to do the same, so here I am.  I'll be blogging each day in April (except the remainder of Sundays) on something that corresponds with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z.  I chose to do it on this blog because it's the one blog I didn't enter last year, and I entered Write, Wrong or Indifferent into the challenge for the second year.

I'm ready.  Bring it.

I’ll be blogging every day of the week (except Sundays) during the month of April for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.  Each post will be on a topic that corresponds with the letter of the alphabet scheduled for that day.

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