January 6, 2012

Tangles Hair Salon - Get Untangled in Chillicothe

I haven't had a 'regular' hairdresser in years, usually just pop in somewhere while I'm out running errands.  I'm sometimes disappointed when I pop back out but eh, it's only hair and mine grows fast so I don't usually stress too much about it.

I was badly in need of a haircut a month or so ago and my travels brought me down Western Ave. in Chillicothe, so I turned in to Central Center to give Tangles a try.

The salon wasn't busy that day so I was seated right away.  I had an idea of what I wanted done (I'm easy, just cut my hair) but after Alexia and I chatted a bit, she convinced me to go in a little different direction.  Nothing crazy, no weird colors or spiked hair or anything, just a cut that she thought would fit better with the way my hair lays (lies?) naturally.  Since I can't even wield a basic brush and hair dryer at the same time ( or separately, for that matter), I put my head in her hands and gave her carte blanche to do her thing.  She wasn't pushy about it,  but I could tell she enjoys what she does and felt comfortable trusting her to do me right.

I was more than satisfied when I left Tangles that day; walked out feeling like a million for just fifteen bucks.

A New Year and I was in need of a haircut again, so Tangles was on my list of stops today.  Alexia wasn't working, but Hillary fixed me up just fine.  Two trips to the same salon with no need to hide my head for a week, so I think it's safe to say I have a new hairdresser in Chillicothe.

Great haircut and friendly service for a good price.

623 Central Center


Sandy said...

Feels good to get a good price and good service doesn't it! There used to be a walk in place here that I frequented that was like that. One gal was particularly good at cutting naturally curly hair; but when she left....man did I get butchered. I do have, and have now for lots of years a regular hair dresser; though not at the price you found. Well done. Ah....the center, know right where that is. Have walked there many times even in my youth. Heck, I remember when it was new! Rounding today from Traveling Suitcase.

Sandy said...

Rounding again from Traveling Suitcase....blog woman, blog, lol