September 26, 2011

Arrow Construction, Chillicothe, OH

When I purchased my home more than two years ago, I also bought into major structural problems, more than your run of the mill fixer-upper.  After months of dealing with my real estate agent and the mortgage company, I was told I was on my own.  I needed to find a contractor and being new in the area, I had no one to ask for recommendations.

With only the phone book and internet to guide me, I stumbled onto Arrow Construction.  After checking Better Business Bureau ratings (all good), I called to schedule a consultation and was more than pleased with Ed Detty’s presentation of his estimate of the work needed and how his team would tackle the job.

The damage was extensive and ended up being a lengthy project, but I was pleased with the progress made.  While the whole mess wasn’t a very enjoyable experience, the Arrow Construction team did their best to make it the least unpleasant for me as possible, tolerating my numerous questions and looking over their shoulders as they worked.

While I’ve still got a long way to go in making this house truly a home, Arrow Construction gave me a big start with quality work at a fair price, and even threw in a few extras along the way.  I have new plumbing throughout and a brand new bathroom from the foundation up, and I’m no longer concerned about floors giving out or walls crumbling down around me.

Hiring Arrow Construction bought me peace of mind, and you can’t put a price on that.

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