August 3, 2011

Trading Post Antiques in Bainbridge

I had hoped to stop in at several places during my visit to Bainbridge last week, and at the top of my list was The Trading Post Antiques on S. Maple St.  I've been wanting to explore local antique shops and a quick search online brought me to the website that boasted of over 24,000 sf of space filled with antiques, so how could I pass that up?

The advertised hours are 12:00 - 5:00 Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday), so I headed out around noon and stopped for lunch at Bainbridge Timbers before landing at The Trading Post to do some shopping.

Paula greeted me (as did a friendly kitty) and gave me a quick rundown of the various buildings and also shared that all items were 20% off (with quilts at a 50% savings).  As I wandered through time, quite a few things caught my eye - bottles, kitchenware, tools and farm equipment, and an overflow of antique furniture - but money being tight, I had to pass them by, even at bargain prices. 

I did find a quilt rack that was listed for $30 and marked down to $15, so that was definitely going home with me if I could get it into my small car.  I crochet baby blankets and afghans and have been looking for a quilt rack to use as a photo prop and this was perfect, and a great price.  Paula sweetened the deal by giving me the additional discount, so I picked it up for a mere $10.  She then showed me how easy it was to take apart, so into the car it went!

The bars on this quilt rack can
also be displayed in different ways
Julie maintains a facebook page with updated info on hours and specials, so check there or call before making the trip.  With it being so hot lately, they've opted to open at 10:00 am and close a bit earlier than normal hours to try to beat the heat.

Since I still had other places to visit on my list, I didn't spend as much time at The Trading Post as I would have liked, but at a mere 20 min drive from my home on County 28, I'll be making the trip to Bainbridge again soon.  With friendly staff and good prices on a warehouse full of history, who wouldn't?

The Trading Post
401 S. Maple St.
Bainbridge, OH 45612

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