April 25, 2011

Z to A in May: Blog Challenge With a Twist

I'm reviving this blog about Chillicothe, Ross County and south/central Ohio for the blog challenge, Z to A in May.  I'll be posting something relative to the local area on every day of the week in May except Sunday, starting with the letter Z on May 2 and working back to the letter A on May 31.

If you have a business or activity in south/central Ohio that you'd like me to feature during the challenge or at any other time, please contact me at RossCountyRoundup@gmail.com.

If you want to participate in Z to A in May with your blog, click the image of the chalkboard to sign up.  If you want to support other bloggers, you'll find the list of all challenge participants in the left sidebar at the start of the challenge.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

I didn't know you had a blog about Chillicothe. My folks both grew up there, and I've done lots of genealogy there. I love visiting it, there's something that draws me near. Perhaps it's the pull of all my older ancestors.

You should pop over to my travel blog and see some of the posts I've done from Chillicothe. Is that home for you?