August 3, 2010

Dog License Tags in Ross County - Where Do You Get Them?

I had forgotten to get my dogs their license tags this year and went online to search for information on where to get them.  True to form, I could find no information on where to get dog licenses here in Ross County.  The only information available was from the Ross County Humane Society in Chillicothe when you adopted a pet through them.

As I dug deeper, I did find a website where you could purchase your dog license tags online. Online Dog Licensing provides a service where you fill out a form online, pay with your credit or debit card, and the information is sent to the appropriate county office for the tags to be issued.   Ross County will then send your dog license tags to you through the mail.  This web site is run by a private company providing the service to county agencies and is not affiliated with Ross County in any way.

Using Online Dog Licensing was pretty simple.  There was a space to fill out the age and sex of the dog, and whether they'd been spayed or neutered.  Pick the color and breed of the dog, sign up with your personal information as the owner, pay at checkout and you're done.  I was able to input the data for both of my dogs in about two minutes.  

Since I purchased my tags after January 31st, I had to pay a $7.00 late fee, and there was a small $2.00 fee to purchase the tags online, but it saved a trip to town.  It also saved my sanity since I still don't know where to go to purchase dog license tags in Chillicothe or Ross County.

Molly and Jethro, legal once again

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