June 8, 2012

Win $200 in Free Groceries at Save-A-Lot

Save-A-Lot is sponsoring a giveaway where the winner will receive a minimum of $100 gift card $200 gift card, with the prize value going up as more fans enter.  Head on over to Save-A-Lot's Facebook page, like the page, then enter your information for a chance to win.

Don't forget to pass this on to your friends so that they can enter too.  Remember, the more fans that enter, the more the dollar value of the gift card prize will increase.

Who wouldn't like free groceries?

Contest ends June 19 so get your entry in today!

Update:  They got enough entries to push it to $200 now.  Who wouldn't want to win a gift card for $200 worth of groceries?

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Wow, very cool, weird you don't have any comments here. Thanks for sharing, will hop over and get registered to win.